Holistic Solutions For Every Need

At iXchange, we believe that there are solutions for every need. With over 20 years of Third Party Administration (TPA) experience, serving more than 2,000 satisfied corporate clients, we are confident in offering a complete ecosystem of care that meets your needs.

iXchange, Your Trusted TPA and Medical Services Partner

With over 1,500 panel clinics and 5 Executive Health Screening Centres across Singapore, experience a full spectrum of care for your organisation. From preferential rates, to maximising resources, our extensive network allows us to offer organisations, both big and small, a suite of customised, yet cost-effective, quality healthcare solutions for their employees.   

Let us work together to create an employee healthcare benefit plan that supports every individual in your organisation.

Making Quality Healthcare Accessible and Affordable

iXchange offers essential support in 3 key areas:

Cost Management

As an affiliated TPA to the IHH healthcare network, we ensure careful supervision of costs.
iXchange can help you:
  • Customise plans to suit your budget.
  • Receive preferred rates at our panel clinics.
  • Monitor and track organisational health expenses; from outpatient visits to post-discharge follow-ups.
  • Maximise utilisation.
  • Receive accurate and effective claims management, with perspectives from our in-house medical team.
  • Understand the dynamics driving treatment, prevention and cost with our comprehensive reporting service which offers a dashboard view of healthcare consumption.
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Enhanced Medical Outcomes

We offer holistic, end-to-end patient support from our multi-disciplinary network.
MyHealth Wellness360 is our proprietary programme which enables you to comprehensively, yet cost-effectively, manage your employees’ long-term health, especially those at high risk of chronic conditions.
MyHealth Wellness360 encompasses:
  • Assessment, including Personalised Executive Health Screening (EHS), and mobile health services for on-site screening and vaccinations.
  • Health risk identification, including occupational health services (OHS) and work safety sessions by certified Designated Workplace Doctors (DWD).
  • Intervention via corporate wellness programmes, including topics such as mental health, smoking cessation and more.
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Ease of Use

Simplified healthcare benefits for all users.
Our seamless digital platform allows employees to manage their healthcare benefits and access our services whenever they need.
The fully integrated system offers a clear view of:
  • Status updates
  • Eligibility
  • Claims and accounting processing
  • iXchange services
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Built for Every Business’ Unique Healthcare Needs

Fully Digital

Book appointments, submit claims, review entitlements and more, anytime and anywhere,with our comprehensive suite of digital tools.t
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Access to an Integrated Healthcare Network

Our comprehensive range of healthcare services extends beyond primary care to both specialty and ancillary services to meet all employees healthcare needs.
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Complete Administrative Support

Establish, maintain and manage detailed records of employee healthcare benefits, while leaving the administrative processes and claims to us.
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Customise a Plan to Your Needs

Our services are designed for flexibility, with customisable packages to meet your organisations’ specific needs.
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